Above the Clouds

Dynamic Micro School

Dynamic Micro School helps highly sensitive children find freedom, flexibility and fun in their learning environment so they can build the scaffolds they need to pursue their passions, enjoy life and contribute positively to the community. 


Please Note:  In order for your child to attend Dynamic Micro School, he/she will need to be registered with the state of Arizona as a 'home school' student as DMS is neither a charter or a private school.   

Do any of these phrases describe your child?  


*highly sensitive - gifted ('officially' identified or not)

*has special gifts but his/her needs are not being met as well as they could be

*may be neurologically divergent or have another type of special need

*active, engaged learner who loves to get 'knee-deep' in his/her learning

*gets really involved in projects and likes uninterupted time to pursue them

*doesn't handle sitting at a desk or in front of a computer for more than a     

  short period of time

*gets bored easily

*very verbal, expressive and/or has an intense vocabulary

*learns in various and unique ways

*really enjoys hands on activities